Saturday, January 9, 2010

Halloween 2009

Drew being driven around so the monsters wouldn't get him!

Almost got it.......

This is how we figured out that someone started crawling right after he turned 6 months.

Drew"Buzz Lightyear" and Cooper " The Giraffe"

Drew was Buzz light year and Wolverine and Cooper was a giraffe. Mom and Dad came to see the boys for the first time trickor treating. It was so much fun. This year Drew was afraid of the monsters so he refused to go down to Joe's house. Poor Joe was devasted to know that his good buddy did want anything to do with the monsters. Maybe next year!!!! Bobby's work had a Halloween walk and we did that on the friday before Halloween. It was fun, except that Drew had chips and chocolate all day that later on taht night and for straight 6 hours he was throwing up. Let's say that he knows that chocolate and chips are not a food group on their own anymore.

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