Monday, December 15, 2008

Blakemore Christmas

Alma, Drew, Maw Maw & Bobby
Tiffany, Maw Maw & Lance

Jacob & Maw maw

Lanette, Jennifer, Ernest, Camdyn, Maw maw and Eddie

Bobby singing on the wii american idol

Jacob opening and closing the door

Drew trying to look innocent, LOL

cute picture of Camdyn and her mommy Jennifer

21 weeks

It's a boy........ Cooper Wesley Blakemore will soon be here. We are so excited. Drew is going to have a little brother :) I am 21 weeks and doing great, I go next week to my appt so we will see. Of course this pregnancy is totally different. Right now the allergies are killing me. Poor Cooper must be getting a jolt everytime I sneeze and it has been a lot today.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Drew's new house

Everytime we take Drew with us to the store , it may be Target, Walmart, you know wherever he sees a house he goes in it. Well this weekend Drew just got a pop up house. Much easier to take care of and we can store it away. It is a thomas the train house. He loves it. He even got Bobby to go inside with him. They are too cute.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

15 weeks

Well I went to the doctor today, lost 3 pounds. But all is good. I heard the hearbeat, which is comforting everytime you go. No getting sick anymore, I do not feel sick to my stomach. Yipeeeee. We get to find out if it is girl or boy on November 25th. We are so excited!!! We keep telling Drew that Mommy has a baby in her tummy, but he doesn't realize I think, except sometimes he will hug me and pat my tummy and say baby. Too sweet.

Monday, November 3, 2008

here is the Bridge called Ross Bridge which is at the resort.

Of course Drew has to throw rocks in the river, he loves it!!

Here they are going down a steep hill and I couldn't take Drew.

This is the wooden train that is at Ross Bridge Park . Drew just loves it!

Bobby watching Drew so he doesn't fall in!

Drew walking down the walkway. He looks like such a big boy! :(

Saturday, November 1, 2008


We had so much fun today, Drew put his costume this morning and he was so excited. He is spiderman, we taught him that he needs to shoot webs from his wrists. It was the cutest thing ever. He looked like he was doing aerobics and saying shhhhhhhh. LOL. We went out and he wanted to be pushed in his stroller, I told him the only way to get candy is to get out and say trick or treat. He did it and then either Bobby and I had to carry him. When we would get to someones house and say trick or treat, Drew proceeded to get the candy himself. Bless his heart it was too cute, but I was panicking and Bobby was laughing. Drew also went to the Giants house and found out that some of the giants were moving, he didn't like it at all. He said he was "scare". We knew it was time to stop trick or treating when Drew got an eye ball chocolate candy and I told him what it was and he decided that it was a ball and he needed to throw it down the sidewalk. He also kept staying at this one house and they had a basketball hoop and he wanted to play basketball. That is my Drew. Check out the pictures......

Monday, October 27, 2008

More Pirate Pumpkin

Pirate Pumpkin

We got home late

last night from Georgia. We decided not to carve a pumpkin this year, since it would probably be too messy. We got Mr. Potato outfit for the pumpkin ( pirate) . Drew loves saying Arghhhhhhhhhh. Too funny! I think it came out pretty cute. Can't wait to the end of the week for Halloween. Drew is going to be Spiderman.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Giant pictures

Check out our cute mailbox too!!!!! Love it!!!!!


This is the funniest story ever. My neighbors Tina and Joe, love Halloween. Every year since we moved in since Drew was born, we go over to Joe and Tina's house for Halloween , it is so much fun. The whole entire town comes to our neighborhood to trick or treat , normally people have over 10 huge bags of candy to give out. Yep ! So last year Drew was one and we sat on their porch and helped them give out candy, so I guess Drew is used to the halloween decorations. Drew loves going down to their house and saying hi to Joe which he now calles Joey! He always wants to go say hi all the time. When he found out that they had halloween decorations he started calling them "The Giants". They have life like monsters, like jason myers, freddy krugar etc. Drew wants to see them all the time. Once we get home from school we go down there and before he goes to bed. Yep everyday we do this, he cries to his heart content down the driveway when we get home and wants to go as soon as his feet hit the ground. He is too funny. Beware of how scary the Giants are, I do not like them at all. He loves it and our neighbors are so sweet and they love for Dew to come down, they tell us if we are okay if we do not come down twice. LOL. Yes, Drew is still taking us everynight until Halloween !!!

2nd Dentist appt

Drew had his first dentist appt back in March, but of course I forgot my camera. I had a disposible one and of course I have not developed them. Anyways, Bobby and I went with Drew to his appt and he loves the waiting room, they have cars the kids can get in and tv's. He was in heaven, until they called his name. The dental asst asked which color chair he canted to get in, he picked red. When the kids lay down they can see a tv and madagascar was playing but Drew didn't want to lay down of course and I was holding him while Bobby took pictures. The first time Drew went , they got him to put finger paint on his hand and put it on the ceiling tile so he can look for it everytime he came in. You will see the picture. When the dentist came they asked him if he wanted his teeth brushed with strawberry, grape, chocolate, cookie dough etc. He picked grape and when they cleaned his teeth he didn't like it. When they got done he said thank you and the dentist asked him if he wanted his own toothbrush he said yes sir! bless his heart. Since he went thru such trauma , we got him mcdonald's. His chitney "chicken" and fries. He had a great time and kept flashing his teeth to our neighbors. Here are some pics.