Monday, May 11, 2009


Drew thinking he could stil take a bath in this thing!!!!LOL

Cooper taking a bath
Drew helping giving Cooper a bath

Elphi, Cooper and Drew

Cooper and Elphi

MeMe and Cooper

Mommy and Cooper

Cute as a button

Sweet angel sleeping

Drew, Bobby and Cooper ( my boys)

Well this is our 4 week at home. Cooper went to the doctor last week for his first appt. He is 10 lbs and 2 oz and 22 1/2 iches tall already. He is doing really good and eating lots. We are so excited that Grammy & Grampy stayed with us for a week and then Meme for a week too. It was great to have the help and someone to hang out with also. Last week we were by ourselves , it was great adjustment and now this week we have Bobby for a whole week!!!!! We are also celebrating our 5 year annniversary this week. Time flies. Here are some more pics to share with everyone. We had a new addition to our family, Matt and Janine are prego , due in December. Bobby's sister Tiffany and husband Lance is also welcoming a baby boy in august. more cousins this year. We are so excited!!Also our friend Amber and Jeremy had another addition to their family, Landon got here and he joins sister Avery. Now we are waiting for Jodi and Ted to welcome their baby boy Parker to hurry and get here to meet his sister Caroline . So all three boys can start haning out soon, Cooper, Landon and Parker!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Big brother Drew feeding Cooper for the first time.
Such a great big brother.

Cooper Arrival

beautiful eyes Cooper
Meg holding Cooper

Todd , Ingrid and Cooper

Me on my meds , I look like I had my wisdom teeth taken out! LOL

Cooper and his stats

Drew and his godparents. :)

yep Cooper looks like Grammy.

Grammy and Grampy and Cooper

Cooper's god parents , Matt & Janine

Todd and Cooper

Daddy and Cooper

Our family. Bobby, Cooper, Alma & Drew

Well Cooper is finally here. We went in on April 17th, 2009 at 5:45 am for our scheduled C-Section. Bobby and I were there until about 7:40 and we went back to the OR and we were hoping for Cooper to be born at 7:47 am cause Drew was born at 7:47 pm. How cool would have that been. It didn't happen, Cooper came to us at 7:51 am. He weighed 9 lbs and measured 21 inches. We are so happy that he is here. Drew is a great big brother already. He helped feed and give Cooper his paci. Thank you for the visits and the phone calls.