Friday, January 2, 2009

House decorated for Christmas

Here are all the christmas decorations around the house. I just love christmas, it was so much fun putting up and now that we are takling stuff down the house looks empty. Enjoy our decorations just like we did.

Christmas lights

Here is Bobby's beautiful display of lights. He was very proud of them. Drew helped as well.

24 weeks

Everything is going well. I have been able to feel the baby for a while and probably two weeks ago I felt Cooper kick on the outside. Drew loves putting his hand on mommy's tummy to feel Cooper and Bobby was excited too. I go in a couple of weeks to my appt, it is the diabetes test, so wish me luck. Hope everypne has had a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year.

Jimenez Christmas

Drew figuring out what the open next
Opening another present

Matt helping Drew with his train set.

Matt showing off present for Gizmo.
We went over to Grampy and Grammy's on December 20th weekend to celebrate.
We had a great time, we started at the Mall of GA and took Drew on a carousel rides... and also a train ride which of course he loved. Sorry no pics because we took them on our phones.
Also when we got there, Grampy showed Drew one of his presents immediately.... A toddler bed, he loved it, he thought he was just a big boy... Christmas is great no matter when you celebrate cause you are with family! Ingrid and Todd went to Thailand and Japan on Christmas day and we will be back in January, can't wait for their travels :)