Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

Here in Houston school started today, for Bobby it means a lot of traffic! The boys are growing and Drew is 4 almost 5 and Cooper is 2 1/2. Drew missed to go to Kindergarten by six days, but it is a blessing that I get to keep him as my little boy. The kids go to Rising Star Academy, here in Katy. They started new classrooms today, Drew is in Jr. Kindergarten ( Mrs. Pauline) and Cooper started Early Preschool ( Mrs. Debra). They both ran into school so excited to start their new day. Here is some pictures that I took, that is all they would let me take :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Not fullfilling my promise

So I am not doing a great job at all with keeping up with the blog. It is so much easier to put pictures or status on Facebook for the family to keep with us. Here is a little update: As most of everybody knows it is not news, we are in a new city. We have moved our little family of four to Houston, Texas! We are so proud of Bobby, he got promoted to Controller to the Houston Fleet group. At the time we didn't realize but this is the 2nd biggest fleet group in the nation. No pressure at all!

We have moved to a town called Katy on the west side of Houston. Cute city only 20 miles from Bobby's work and only 45 minute drive with traffic madness. Bobby is loving his job and can't wait to make a difference. On the other hand, I am still looking for a job. Keep fingers crossed. The boys are going to a wonderful school called Rising Star Academy . Drew is in Pre- K and Cooper in Early Pre-K. They are loving it and also when they wake up in the morning they never want to go to school and we get to the school and they run in because they love it so much.

We have been here in Katy since May 24th and cannot believe we are already in August. We have had great visitors. Thanks to Mom and Dad & Robert and Becky! Soon we will be going home for a visit in September ! We cannot wait. In September we are having more visitors Ingrid is coming for work and in October seeing us Mom and Dad & we get to see our neighbors from Alabama ( Lauren & Wes). Also November we get to see Todd & Ingrid and we go home again!

Coming up Drew is turning 5! Really ! Time flies. He doesn'tget to go to Kindergarten this year, he missed it by 6 days. No worries he will be the smartest, oldest and tallest Kinder kid! He is into being a spy and alwys playing with his best friend Cooper. He comes up with the most hilarious words. Right now the best one is " MOM, I promise I am telling you the truth" , I am so frustrated, and the best is trying to trick Cooper with " If you don't let me play wit this I won't be your best friend". HA Love it!!!!

Cooper is 2 1/2. The biggest mess. He is a worlwind. Sweetest boy but mean as snake! He LOVES to read, he loves to bring books to us to read to him. He has such a passion to learn everything. He also loves to tackle Drew and also first to haul butt back to mommy and daddy so Drew doesn't get him. He loves Drew with all his Heart and he always is lookng around to see what Drew is doing and what he is up to. He is talkig more and more, he is my parrott. It starts with " Copper don't do that you ar going to time out" then he says " no time out". The best is if he doesn't like what you are doing to him or about to , he will come up to you and spank your hand and say No , No mommy or daddy! Love it!

The best part of the day when I pick up the boys and they see each other fo the first time is like a slow motion movie of them running to each other and hugging each other. I hope that I can keep up better with the blog.