Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cooper's Room- almost finished

This is just one side of the room, we still have to finish the other side. But we just love it , he is our spring/summer baby, so we thought sailboats was a great way to decorate his room. We have scheduled a c-section for April 17th, so we wil keep you updated.

Drew the gamer

Drew was playing xbox live with Bobby, they start younger and younger. Love these pictures , he looks like is so into it :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

32 weeks

Had my appt on friday and everything is good, we picked a date for Cooper to get here April 17th. can't beleive it is almost here. Started going to the doc every two weeks. We will keep you updated. Almost finished with Cooper's room pictures to follow soon.

Snow in March

helping grammy and grampy go back to GA

my cutie

Drew dropping all teh snowballs

Bobby trying to throw a snowball, but not at me !

Drew helping Grampy so he can go home :)

our street Nicholas Drive

Go Jackets!!!!

The mailbox

Our house with pretty snow!!!

More snow falling

Bobby and Mom and Dad's car when the snow started this mornning.

Drew droped his glove right after we went outside, oooops

Bobby and Drew getting ready to start playing in the snow .

We can't believe it we got snow. I was up this morning and heard it sleet so I knew there was no way we were going to get any snow. Then my dad woke up and said "SNOW", I tought he was kidding. NOPE. It was really beautiful and at one point we had to come inside cause it was so windy and snow blowing every different way. We went outside three times before it melted away. It was really nice to finally have snow.