Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wolverine & the shark!

Drew loves this towel. So he kept running around the house saying he was a shark and that he was going to get us!

When Drew put the costume on which by the way was supossed to be for his birthday ( I left it in the trunk and the other day forgot to put him in the car first and when I opened it his eyes were like he was at christmas) anyways Drew asked us that they left his sword hands out of the package and bless his heart kept walking around touching his hands saying he didn't have swords like wolverine. LOL

Cooper...... another milestone

Cooper in the jumping rainforest!

First time sitting in the bathtub

Cooper accomplished a couple of things lately. We put him in the jumperoo and he just loves it just like Drew did and he also sat in his bathtub in the bathtub instead of the cold kitchen. He just sits and relaxes. He is just talking up a storm and the other day we had to call all grandparents for him to tell them himself.

Drew " The photographer"

Bobby, this is a pretty funny picture.
Nice, Thanks Drew

Drew kept asking to take a picture of mommy and daddy

Cooper had his picture taken and didn't even know it.

here we go again! LOL

Mommy and Drew

Drew saw the camera the other day and said he wanted to take pictures, after many these are the very good ones he took . We think he might have a future! Check them out!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

3 months and growing

Cooper turned three months on July 17th. Can't believe it that time flies. He is 14 pounds even, of course I weighed myself and tehn grabbed him and subtracted. LOL . He is so attentive and loves to kick galore and loves to look at the mobile and smiles so much. He is such a joy to have> Drew is getting used to having him more, when he doesn't see Cooper he will lool for him and kisses and hugs his brother. He goes for his 4 month appt in August so we will see what they say then.
On another note, the Jimenez family is proud to announce another addition to Matt & Janine's family, their baby boy will be here on or around December 16th. We cannot wait. Trevor Manuel is what they are thinking of namimg him. We can't wait for the boys to play with Trevor.

Cooper Finished Room

Here is Cooper's finished room. Sorry it has taken a while to post new pictures of his room. I want to thank my friend Julie for making these wonderful plates for Cooper's Room. She also made some for Drew's room too when he was born!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Cooper's Baptism

mom & dad with Cooper
Robert & becky with Cooper

Matt, Drew, Alma, Father McDaid, Bobby, Cooper & Janine

Lillian and Cooper

Cooper getting baptized


Janine and Matt the god parents with Cooper


On July 11th, ( My grandma's b-day Bee Wagner) we baptized Cooper @ Prince of Peace Catholic church. It was great, all family was there. Mom, Dad, Ingrid , Todd, Matt, Janine, baby Trevor, Tiffany, baby Adams, Robert, Becky, Robby, Jessica, Eddie and Lanette and of course Bobby, Drew and Cooper( the guest of honor). We had his ceremony at the day chapel and afterwards we had a get together at the house. Matt & Janine are Cooper's godparents.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ingrid and Todd's 10 year anniversary party

Ingrid and Todd celebrated their 10 year anniversary on June 17th. They threw a party and it was awesome. It was a magic theme. They had a tarot card reader and a magician . All the family was there. We had so much fun!! Check out the pictures.

Happy 4th of July from Cooper and Drew

Happy 4th of July to everyone.

Love , Drew and Cooper

Long time........

Jessica and Me playing with the camera!!
Maw Maw and her cake

Drew and Camdyn going for a ride in the stroller

Grandaddy and Cooper

Sorry it has taken a while to catch the blog up. Well if you can believe it Drew is still growing like a weed. On June 10 we measured and weigh Drew and he is 38 1/2 inches tall and weighs 35 pounds, that we can tell. Cooper is growing so much too. Cooper is 24.4 inches tall according to the pediatrician, i have no idea what the .4 is. LOL he weighed 12 lbs 6 oz on his 8 week appt. He is going on 12 weeks this week. As you can tell I am so behind. We are enjoying have both of the boys . Drew is very happy to be a big brother and Cooper smiles every time he seees Drew or hears him. Time flies, we turn around and Drew I am sure grew taller and Cooper is already trying to roll over , well attempting and cooing a lot.

On another note Maw Maw turned 80 on 4th of July and we went to Bowdon to celebrate her 80th b-day, the family had party for her and then we all hung out and watched Bobby and Robby do fireworks.