Saturday, January 9, 2010

Best Beach Vacation ever!!! September 2009

Drew bug taking a picture of us!

Daddy and Drew

helping Drew out

Playing put put

Grampy and Cooper

Cool Dude

Drew and Daddy

Cooper getting his feet wet!

Sweet little boy.

Trying to build something

Me and the boys!

Me and Cooper

Started to rain!

another one!

Drew at the pool

First time at the pool and he passed out!

My Cooper!!!

got one!

Checking out the holes where the crab came out of

daddy and Drewbug

ready to go!

Can you tell Drew didn't want to take a pic?

getting ready to catch some Crabby crabs!

Grammyand Grandpy's turn with the sign

We started with our famous sign !

I can't believe I forgot to put this on the blog. My friend Heidi's grandmother has a condo in Panama City. We rented it for the week after Drew's birthday. We had so much fun. My mom and dad came with us ( Alma, Bobby, Drew and Cooper). It was Cooper's first time at the beach. Drew kepy calling the condo the "Palace". Actually he called it Grammy and Grandpy's Palace. We had so much fun at the pool, beach and going to play put put. I actually can say this has been the best family vacation ever!!!!!

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