Monday, December 15, 2008

Blakemore Christmas

Alma, Drew, Maw Maw & Bobby
Tiffany, Maw Maw & Lance

Jacob & Maw maw

Lanette, Jennifer, Ernest, Camdyn, Maw maw and Eddie

Bobby singing on the wii american idol

Jacob opening and closing the door

Drew trying to look innocent, LOL

cute picture of Camdyn and her mommy Jennifer

21 weeks

It's a boy........ Cooper Wesley Blakemore will soon be here. We are so excited. Drew is going to have a little brother :) I am 21 weeks and doing great, I go next week to my appt so we will see. Of course this pregnancy is totally different. Right now the allergies are killing me. Poor Cooper must be getting a jolt everytime I sneeze and it has been a lot today.